pure botanical fragrances
swiss cashmere is a tribute to friendship. Friendship is like a plant: it needs time to grow. Enclosed with all vegetable fragrances from swiss cashmere are two cards that transform into a miniature floral paradise. A special process is used to press the seeds of the flowers that inspire and give the fragrances their character.

Simply stick the card into a flowerpot with earth and keep it well moistened.
Of course, if you prefer, you can give one of the seed cards away. Then you can both look forward to bringing your fragrances to life and seeing your friendship grow in different places.
The intoxicating aromas of wildflowers such as spiked wormwood, Alpine poppy, red campion or spring crocus are captured using the high-quality natural-print method. The method used explains why the perfume essences in swiss cashmere smell just like natural blossoms while the plants' natural resources remain untouched.
The perfumes' alcoholic foundation is finest-quality wine spirit, which is also the basis of the best eaux de vie from the Alps.

A collection of exquisite perfumes made from Swiss wildflowers. Fragrances with the magic and intensity of Alpine flora. Cocooning the senses, like finest cashmere. Blessed with a luxurious simplicity.
snow angel
An elegant fragrance distilled from wild white and violet Alpine blossoms
Top notes
Wildflowers consisting of alpine iberis and evergreen alyssum with bergamot and mandarin
Heart notes
Wildflowers consisting of white and pinkish violet crocus, Rhaetian alpine poppy and alpine chrysanthemum with gardenia and orange blossom
Base notes
A harmonious blend of sandalwood, vanilla, and musk elegant, white, flowery
The Upper Engadine lies between St. Moritz and the Maloya Pass. In winter it is covered with a blanket of pure white snow. In spring, the pure white returns in the form of dazzling carpets of wildflowers.  

Expert perfumer Honorine Blanc, who created Snow Angel for swiss cashmere, has produced a pleasantly fragrant, multi-layered perfume. It possesses a subtle aroma that brings to life the delicate carpets of white meadow flowers. It is a magnificent creation, a distillation of natural luxury.
royal purple
An appealingly sensual perfume made from red and violet wild Alpine blossoms
Top notes
Wildflowers consisting of nigritella nigra, alyssum and mountain pinks, with freesia and hyacinths.
Heart notes
Wildflowers consisting of violet snow crocus, Joan's blood and alpine toadflax with violet and jasmine
Base notes
Wood harmonies of larch and Swiss pine with patchouli, ambergris, and musk gourmet, fruity, rich
This profoundly sensual fragrance was inspired by the Chamanna forest glade, where the soft golden rays of the afternoon sun pierce the trees. In summer, the meadow radiates a fragrance every bit as delicious as it is intoxicating. Various chocolate aromas rise from the meadows, mingled with a touch of vanilla rounded off with rum barrel notes. The perfume leaves a warm, seductive impression.  

Perfume expert Harry Fremont is the nose behind Royal Purple from swiss cashmere. His subtle play of aromas conveys the delicious scent of sun on the skin.
green luxury
A fresh, lively perfume made of alpine spring and summer wildflowers
Top notes
Wildflowers consisting of Alpine flax, bitter vetch, and Joan's blood with bergamot and coriander
Heart notes
Wildflowers consisting of spring crocus and Swiss wallflower with lavender and davana
Base notes
Tonka beans and delicate wood notes fresh, natural, effervescent
Flax was one of the first plans used by humans. While conventional flax possesses an earthy, aromatic fragrance, the rarer Alpine flax is fresher, with livelier characteristics and a cool, fragrant note. It is to this rare blossom that Green Luxury from swiss cashmere owes its fresh, almost dry note. The fragrance was inspired by a breathtaking "power place" in the Fälensee valley: towering, rugged cliffs fall steeply to the green valley below and plunge into the glittering lake.  

Ilias Ermenides is the master perfumer behind swiss cashmere's Green Luxury, a fragrance packed with prickly green freshness that attracts both men and women.  
alpine rock
An aromatic, fresh perfume with mineral notes, made from high alpine wildflowers and plants from glacial regions
Top notes
Wildflowers consisting of Artemisia genipi (spiked wormwood), Artemisia glacialis (glacier wormwood), blue five spot with iced lime and lavender
Heart notes
Wildflowers consisting of saffron crocus, narrow-leaf zinnias and five spot together with hard mineral quartz
Base notes
Ambergris, leather, and silver fir aromatic, fresh, with mineral notes
Alpine Rock from swiss cashmere is a tribute to a special area close to Zermatt. The Matterhorn (4478 m) and the Monte Rosa (4634 m) provide some of the most breathtaking views in the Alps: knife-edge peaks, eternal snow, glittering mountain streams, shimmering blue glaciers and flowers growing to enormous heights. This area inspired Alpine Rock from swiss cashmere.

The legendary nose Pierre Bourdon created the masterpiece that is Alpine Rock from swiss cashmere. The fragrance integrates the freshness you experience when you look down on the famous Riffel Lake and inhale the clear, pure air. The slightly smoky/mineral note reminds you of the smell of mineral quartz, which is released when you scratch the rock while climbing.

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swiss cashmere. The wonderful fragrance of wildflowers for men and women.
We live in fraught times, when simplicity is a luxury. swiss cashmere takes you back, reassuringly, to hallowed values.

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